BEA eyeshadow

BEA eyeshadow


BEA is a milk chocolate blush eyeshadow

It is compsé to 91.4% of natural origin content.

It can also be used as a blush for dark skin. Since it really has dual use, it contains 5ml of product, it is a bit bigger than our line of eyeshadows. It is sold in its individual recyclable packaging, a nice little round box with a magnetic bottom so that the product does not slip. its format does not allow it to fit into the 5-color palette.


    Our dry eyeshadows are used as eye shadows to enhance the eyes or as a blush to add radiance to the cheeks. Its formula is obtained by mixing powders, pigments and oils, for a uniform result rich in color. "Soft focus" agents improve the uptake of dry makeup and provide a soft texture. On application, it has a very silky feel and optimal coverage.

    Manufactured in the south of France in Vendres, this product benefits from the "Guaranteed French Origin" certification.


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